Saturday, 23 September 2017

P-47D Paintwork Progress

I've done the basic blocking in on the Raiden Miniatures P-47D 'Bubbletop' Thunderbolts, which was a right pain to get right and reminded me that bare metal isn't one of my favourite camouflage schemes, despite appearing to be relatively simple. The anti-dazzle strip was also a bit of a challenge but it's been tidied up enough to look respectable, at least from arms length. I'll leave them now to fully dry out before washing the whole lot in a Future and black ink mixture. The cowlings are painted in Warpaints Blue to represent the 405th Fighter Squadron, 371st Fighter Group, 9th Air Force, which was based at Eschborn near Frankfurt in April 1945.


  1. Looking good to me. Anti dazzle strip looks fine too.did you do it freehand?

  2. I masked it first then did the edges freehand as the olive drab paint bled all over the bare metal. Right pain that!