Saturday, 2 September 2017

Bag the Hun Operation Bodenplatte Revisited

A few years ago I finished off my late war NW Europe Bag the Hun project with a club multiplayer game set during Operation Bodenplatte, the massed Luftwaffe assault on Allied airfields on 1st January 1945:

This was a lot of fun, so I've been thinking of setting up another one, this time with a limit of three or four players a side, each with a pair of RAF, USAAF or Luftwaffe fighters. This would keep the number of cards down to a manageable size and also speed up game play, with less time wasted by those players not involved each turn.

I was also thinking of a random system to determine who flies what and which side they are on, along with pilot experience, altitude and position. This might include a specific mission objective for each player, rather than just a generic 'shoot down the enemy' points tally. There will probably also be some low level cloud cover and a bit of indiscriminate light flak to make the scenario more challenging!

It's all a bit sketchy at the moment but I think it might be good for a club night at some point.

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