Sunday, 7 January 2018

15mm Eureka French Indochina War Figures

French Foreign Legion 


LVT-4 'Alligator'

It's been far too cold to do any painting in the garage today but I did find the second hand stash of 15mm Eureka Miniatures French Indochina war figures that I have been looking for. There's enough Vietminh and French figures for a small platoon plus support, give or take a few extras that I will need to order including some LMG teams for the French and some additional riflemen for the Vietminh.

The Battlefront LVT-4's also arrived in the post, so I matched them up with the figures to see how well they compared for scale. The Eureka figures are smaller than the Flames of War ones but I'm not planning to mix them together so that doesn't matter. I think they scale out quite well against the LVT's, so I may get a few more Battlefront vehicles for this project including an M20 scout car, a jeep or two and possibly an M24 Chaffee light tank.

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