Wednesday, 10 January 2018

MiG Alley Whirlibirds

I have a couple of USN / USMC helicopters in the painting stage, ready for MiG Alley rescue missions over war torn Korea, but have been struggling to devise a way to represent the spinning rotor blades. I thought of cutting out discs of thin plastic or bubble packaging then drawing on the blurred outline of the blades but this seemed a bit too crude and would probably look pants. However, I have now found a source of laser cut thin plastic rotor blades for 1/600th scale aircraft, including both tail rotors and main rotor blade discs. I'll go ahead and order a couple in different sizes, if I can work out the ones I need, to see what they're actually like, although they look pretty effective in the photo above.


  1. Hurlbat do some too. I have some plain discs which I prefer, but they also do etched rotors.

  2. Ah, just discovered that this is the Hurlbat range! Apologies.

  3. I thought I'd seen them somewhere before!