Tuesday, 13 February 2018

On the Workbench this Week

I got back from Cornwall this afternoon and straight away got down to the MiG Alley project, having suffered from a severe dose of workbench withdrawal symptoms over the weekend. A double check of the CY6! and Bag the MiG scenarios has revealed that I only need eight Il-10's but ten La-11's, so I've readjusted the numbers accordingly. I couldn't fit the Tu-2's on to the painting rig so they have been swapped for nine Yak-9D's, which are probably more useful anyway. I also sorted out the decals for the last lot of 1/600th scale aircraft that I finished painting, so these will be completed alongside the new aircraft for the North Koreans and their Chinese allies. Tally Ho! (or whatever the North Korean equivalent is?)

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