Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Thinking outside the Box?

I have been playing around with the KR Multicase storage box that I was given for my birthday, trying to work out a useful way to make the most of the two hundred 25mm x 50mm foam slots it contains. These are designed for 28mm figures, so I did think of saving the whole thing for my 'not yet anywhere near started' Lion Rampant War of the Rose retinues. This would involve at least one hundred 28mm Perry Miniatures foot figures all of which are on the slim side of 28mm, so ideally suited to the purpose. When, or even if, I get around to this project is a moot point however!

The other thing I thought of was to use the slots for 25mm x 50mm based figures, which neatly matches the sizes used for Blitzkrieg Commander and Cold War Commander. I am not a fan of either systems, having been both frustrated and disappointed by both, but the basing does look really good with 10mm figures and is quick to do. I have loads of figures and vehicles for French Indochina, both CEFEO and Vietminh from the excellent Pendraken range, so I dug them out to see how they would fit in the foam trays. As you can see, I think this would work really well, even though the LVT Alligators are a bit of a tight squeeze.

I also now have a better set of rules for 10mm WW2 and Post War gaming in the shape of Fivecore Company Command, which ticks all of the relevant boxes and is much more my sort of thing. I don't know where or when I might get round to this, having already committed myself to both 15mm Post Colonial skirmish and 15mm WW2 I Ain't Been Shot Mum for later in the year, but I might be able to squeeze it in somewhere. I have plenty of lead in the pile for 10mm French Indochina, so it could even take the place of the 15mm platoon level project that I've been planning for, as it makes little sense to do both?

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