Wednesday, 10 April 2019

The Men Who Would Be Kings Cunning Plan

I couldn't decide between 15mm and 28mm for my The Men Who Would Be Kings project, so I've decided to do both! I'll probably live to regret this but it seems like a good idea, given the fact that I have most of what I need in both scales and don't have to buy very much to start with. I have sent off for some additional metal Beja rifle armed skirmishers from Perry Miniatures but that's all for the moment, as the two boxes of plastic Mahdist Ansar figures will cover the rest in 28mm. This will give me up to 80 figures to make up the core of the force, with some left over for conversion into casualty markers, extra riflemen and other 'things'.

How cool is that!

The plan is to complete two 24 point forces in 15mm using the Peter Pig figures, one Beja and one opposing Field Force. This might be Egyptian, as the figures are really cool, or a British landing party with a Royal Marine detachment supported by Naval Brigade artillery and sailors, or a patrol of the 2nd Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. I'll do the Beja first, as they will be relatively quick to paint and base, using an overall brown basecoat, blocking in and a wash to speed things up. I'll base the foot figures all on 1p coins so that they can be grouped in skirmish trays and stored on mini-magnets (there are some very handy tray liners for Really Useful Boxes that I can use for this)

Arrghh!! Plastic Sprues

In 28mm, I will also concentrate on the Beja for the same reasons, with the aim to produce 4 units of 16 spear and sword armed Veteran Fierce Tribal infantry, together with a unit of 12 Irregular Veteran infantry, poor shots, as rifle armed skirmishers. This will replace the unit of irregular camelry from the Beja list in the rule book, which will keep the cost down to a sensible level and also will give me a unit of Shooters for playing solo games against Mr Babbage (I really could do with two of these!). The skirmishers will be the metal figures, leaving plenty of plastic Fuzzy Wuzzy's to make up the 64 spear and sword armed loonies that I need.



  1. I admire your confidence, painting stamina and optimism! Recently I have been looking again at 15MM which is a really useful scale... now if someone could retool the Perry 28MM to this scale everyone would be on a winner. Good luck with the project I will watch this with interest.

  2. 15mm makes a lot of sense but the Perry plastics are so nice that I'm pulled in both directions! At least the Beja are a simple paint job?!



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