Monday, 16 September 2019

Bag the Hun Plan B (or is it Plan A?)

Spitfires over the Channel!

I've been having a think about the Plan A (or B, depending on what happens) game for the Lard Day in March, which will be another Bag the Hun multiplayer game of some description. The original idea was to do the Winter War but this would have been starting from scratch, as I haven't even based any aircraft let alone painted anything and I'd need a completely new hex cloth too. This is all a bit too much for what will be a side line this year, so it's time for a re-think.

Here's some I made earlier..!

Museum Miniatures Bf109-F's

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I think I'm going to use my prepared models for the Channel Front c1942, which I've been meaning to paint up for a couple of years but have never got round to doing. These consist of an entire squadron of Spitfire VB's, a flight each of Beaufighters and Whirlwinds and a single Hudson. I've also already based eight Bf109-F's and four FW190-A4's, with more of the latter to be added once I've converted them from A8 models.

Fw190-A8's awaiting conversion to A4's

This is a much better starting point and I can also add some light bombers to the RAF contingent, either the lovely Museum Miniatures Blenheims, some Raiden Mitchells or Bostons, although I'm not sure I have many of the latter in the lead pile. As far as scenarios go, it won't be difficult to find an historical pretext for a big fighter vs fighter dogfight, with perhaps a bomber or fighter bomber escort mission to follow up. Rhubarb will be the flavour of the month!


  1. Whirlwinds, one of my favourites! Who's the manufacturer of the Whirlwinds and the Beaufighters, another favourite as I'm a sucker for twins?

  2. The Whirlwinds are Raiden and the Beaufighters are from Museum Miniatures, which are really nice and not expensive (they have an annual sale every January too)



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