Monday, 23 September 2019

Congo Painting Project

It's going to take me quite a while to prepare and base the Saga warband, which I've decided to stick on 25mm laser cut mdf circles for ease of handling, so in the meantime I thought I'd get some 28mm figure painting practice under my belt, having not painted anything in the scale for literally years. So, rummaging about in the unfinished business box, I uncovered the Forest Tribe figures that I based up for Congo a couple of years ago but then shelved, as no one at the club was interested in the rules.

The figures are all based on 2p coins and ready to paint, although I have had to spray undercoat some of the units yesterday in Halfords Matt Black car spray, as I didn't get round to it at the time. I have also added an additional unit of Hunters, consisting of four bow armed figures with some scary masks, and I've done a headswap to create a new Champion figure to match the style of the rest of the column. The movement trays are just for ease of handling.

Chieftain, Champion, two Sacred Warriors
Healer, Witchdoctor

Head swapped Champion

The characters consists of a chieftain, a witchdoctor, a healer, a drummer and the aforementioned champion. For auxiliaries I've got two sacred warriors, which is the maximum allowed. The main units are two five man cannibal groups, two five man warrior groups, a unit of five young warriors, a unit of five bunduki musketeers, a unit of six archers, four hunters and three scouts with javelins. I haven't got any pygmies but will see if I can get some later on.

This lot should be pretty straightforward to paint, being a little less than heavily clothed, so it shouldn't be a difficult or long winded process. I'm going to try to find some really good basing materials, foliage, grass tufts, ferns and the like, in order to make the figures look really good despite their otherwise basic appearance. I'm also planning to scratchbuild some jungle terrain templates, so that they have something to hide in and run away to!

I'll get cracking this week!


  1. Good luck with these. I need to find some time to revisit Congo as it was so much fun.

  2. I've been wibbling about with Darkest Africa for years but have never actually got round to it. Congo didn't get off the ground back in 2016 so now it's a really good way to use my existing lead pile, get some painting experience and make some terrain, which is something I really enjoy.



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