Monday, 17 December 2012

Bag the Hun Malta Game Two [1]

I've come down with a really nasty cold, so feel like crap. However, I have been doing some research for the Bag the Hun 2 re-match game in January. This will be a follow-on from the last scenario set, once again, in the skies over Malta in 1941. The front runner is this slightly one sided but furious dogfight, involving No185 Squadron but with opposition from two different Italian formations:

At 07:15 on 21 November 1941, five MC.200s of 54o Stormo and ten 9o Gruppo MC.202s strafed Hal Far, presumably attracted by the presence of 242 and 605 Squadron’s Hurricanes based there. Seven Hurricanes from 185 Squadron led by Squadron Leader Pike were scrambled to intercept. They attacked five Macchis initially (probably the MC.200s), five more then jumping the British fighters (probably some of the MC.202s). No firm claims were made by the Hurricane pilots, but it was believed that three of the Italian fighters had been damaged. Sergeant Bill Nurse’s Hurricane was badly hit in return.

The Italians reported fighting twelve Hurricanes and ‘Spitfires’, and claimed two ‘Spitfires’ shot down, one by Sottotenente Jacopo Frigerio, Sergente Raffaello Novelli and Sergente Angelo Golino, and one by Sottotenente Giovanni Barcaro and Sergente Massimo Salvatore (all of them from the 97a Squadriglia), while two more were claimed as probables. Four were claimed destroyed on the ground plus a Blenheim, damage to the latter being credited to Maresciallo Damiani. Two Macchis returned damaged.

I need to work out the details for this but it looks like it has some potential, especially as I have all the aircraft I need, assuming I keep it down to the intial bounce on the Mc200's by the Hurricanes and the subsequent ambush by the Mc202's. I think I'll leave any ground strafing to a later game, when we've had a good crack at the basic rules mechanics and mastered the art of the bogey!


  1. Its a much improved game if you get Bogey's involved Jim.

    Kev (Fat Wally)

  2. Yep, we found that out last time, although it was a bit clunky as we were working out the rules as we went along. Hopefully, it'll be a bit smoother next time round?!