Sunday, 9 December 2012

NEWSFLASH - Mbote violates Nbuto coastal exclusion zone (Reuters)

From our military correspondent in Port Mtumtu

We are receiving reports that a large amphibious fleet of the Mbote Defence Force has penetrated the territorial waters of the Independent Republic of Nbuto. Although these sightings have yet to be confirmed, it would appear that the MDF has infringed the coastal exclusion zone that exists along the shores of Lake Bagombo, following the Combined Regional African Peace accords of 2011.

The government of the Independent Republic of Nbuto has declined to comment on this incident but, in a sign of increasing tension, the Force Action Rapide Territoriale has been mobilised. A spokesman for the government of Mbote has denied any infringement of Nbuto territorial waters, claiming that the MDF is engaged in a legitimate pre-planned defensive exercise that in no way threatens the sovereignty of the IRN.

In his daily radio broadcast, President Papi Mpongo, re-iterated his continuing dedication to peaceful 'bunga bunga' relations with the Independent Republic of Nbuto. However, he claimed that recent diplomatic incidents have led to tensions between the two nations that cannot be 'swept under the leopard print shagpile'.