Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Peter Pig Pirate Ships [1]

Pack 8 Medium Brig

Pack 7 Small Warship Schooner

Pack 6 Small Warship Sloop

The Peter Pig 1/450th scale Pieces of Eight pirate ships arrived over the weekend but I've only just got around to opening the packs for a decent look. I'm really impressed. The ships are very sturdy, with the masts designed to slot into holes cast in the hull, making them virtuallly bomb proof and ideal for gaming. The gun and crew figures are also very well sculpted, with some neat little gun port hatches included in the cannon sets. I particularly like the set of longboats and swreckage markers, which are very well done.

I had my doubts about this range, to be honest, as the ships always seemed a little 'toy like' and overly broad in the beam to be scale models. However, I'm very pleased to say that I was completely wrong and, while not being up to the scale accuracy or finesse of Langton Miniatures models, for example, they are very well sculpted and designed. I'll be getting a couple more before long and plan to build one or two over the holidays.

Very good indeed!

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