Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bag the Hun Operation Bodenplatte [7]

Raiden Miniatures P51D Mustangs and P47D Thunderbolts
It's flipping freezing in the garage this evening, so I've abandoned my plan for basing up the USAAF aircraft that I cleaned and drilled the other day. As you can see, these consist of eight Raiden Miniatures P51D Mustangs and four P47D Thunderbolts, the latter being a last minute addition to the flight line. These will be based and painted after the Luftwaffe get sorted.

Raiden FW180A8  /  Museum FW180A8

Lots of inscribed detail v. smooth sculpting

Big and Scary v. Sleek and Streamlined

The Museum Miniatures FW180A8's turned up today and very nice they are too. I've taken a comparison shot of one next to a Raiden Miniatures FW180A8 to show the difference between the two models, which is pretty obvious and makes it diifficult to mix the two makes together in the same unit. I like both versions but, as I have Museum Miniatures FW190D's in strength for the BTH2 Operation Bodenplatte project, I thought it better to use the same range rather than mix them up.

I'm out tomorrow night so won't get much more done before the permitting!

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