Friday, 2 August 2013

Bolt Action Yanks [13]

No painting today as I've been frantically tidying the house, washing stuff and packing, ready to fly to France tomorrow morning. I did find ten minutes for a tea break and a rummage in the diecast box that I keep in the garage. I'd remembered that I had a couple of Solido 1/50 scale WW2 vehicles stashed in there somewhere, both of which I had orginally found on the covers of French magazines...
...not the ones you're thinking of, I hasten to add.
I couldn't remember what I had or where it was stashed but a bit of digging unearthed an T19 HMC half track, minus it's original howitzer mounting, together with a Dodge 6x6 weapons carrier.  The half track scales well with the more detailed Corgi models but will need a canvas tilt of some sort to turn it into a bog standard M3A1. I think I'll try to scratchbuild something when I get the time.
The Dodge 6x6 is, however, ready to roll and has already been dismantled, undercoated in Tamiya Olive Drab and re-assembled for painting. I apologise yet again for the very blurred photo but it gives an idea of scale compared to a 28mm Artizan GI. I'm not sure what I'll do with it but it'll probably end up either as a tow for an AT gun or as transport for a mortar team.
Very handy!

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