Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bolt Action M4A3 Shermans

As the Bolt Action army lists only allow you to deploy one, or at the most two, tanks per platoon I originally decided just to dust off an old Corgi 1/50 scale diecast M4A3, re-paint it and use it as armour support for the US infantry. I also had a Hobbyboss 1/48 scale plastic kit of an M4A1 76mm in the loft, so glued it together as an alternative up-gunned tank if and when I need some extra firepower.

However, with Chain of Command now a few days away from publication, I really should have a more comprehensive armoured element to back up the footsloggers as they break through the Westwall. A late war US tank platoon had five Sherman M4's at least one of which would normally be the 76mm version, although by 1945 the number of 76mm M4A1's or M4A3's often increased to equip the whole platoon.

I have now added two more M4A3 75mm Corgi diecast tanks to the platoon, after winning a couple on ebay for £15 each, so have almost enough for a full platoon if I finish off the Hobbyboss kit as well. I'd really like to have a diecast M4A3 (76)W, but these are pretty rare and stupidly expensive, so the plastic kit option is the best way to go.

I have my eye on another ebay Corgi M4A3 Sherman at the moment which would make up the numbers to the full five tanks but I'm sure I can manage with four. The Corgi models are perfect for wargaming being virtually indestructable and not too expensive if you are lucky. They're cheaper than the resin equivalent and don't need to be glued together, or even painted if you can't be bothered to fart about, so well worth it. 

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  1. There's an armoured platoon pdf supplement for Bolt Action you might want to look at...