Thursday, 1 August 2013

SAGA Normans

I had a tip off about some 28mm bargain bucket Artizan US infantry on the Northstar webshop thing today (thanks Steve!) but, unfortunately was too slow to get there before they were snapped up. However, I did grab fifteen Crusader Norman mounted knights all cleaned up and undercoated, ready for painting for the princely sum of £12 plus postage. 
This was a bit of a steal and will help to get my stalled SAGA project back up and running, this time with a full warband of Normans at my disposal, rather than the Vikings that I started and failed on last year. I've sidelined this project for no particularly good reason and for far too long but I now have even less of an excuse not to tackle again, along with half a dozen other unfinished or unrealised things.


  1. Bargain. Can't go wrong at that price!

  2. Superb deal and pretty much a ready made warband...!