Sunday, 4 August 2013

Foundry Darkest Africa Library

I arrived in France yesterday and it's been a bit hectic since then but this evening I did get some time for a bit of wargame related browsing, the end result being a gold mine of old Wargames Illustrated articles by Chris Peers on the Foundry website:

It seems that Wargames Foundry have decided to post all the old Darkest Africa articles that used to be on their site along with a whole load more from the back catalogue, all as free downloads. This time last year I based up an entire Nkonde army for In the Heart of Africa while on holiday, although they've languished in a plastic box since then, so this may well be an unexpected but timely incentive to get them painted up?


  1. Very fun, thanks for the heads up & link!

  2. It seems Foundry have been undergoing massive changes in management, ranges and outlook.

    Their new fantasy system is very good, yet has somewhat gone under the radar.