Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bolt Action Volksgrenadiers [2]

I'm still waiting for the extra Artizan figures to arrive for the Bolt Action Germans so, in the meantime, I've dug out the ones that I already have and organised them into a couple of squads. I've decided to make these eight men units, with an NCO, five riflemen, an SMG loader and a MG42 gunner. When the extra figures arrive, one or two of the riflemen will also get panzerfausts, so I'll be able to stretch out my figures into three squads.

The Bolt Action lists for the Volksgrenadiers give the basic five man unit assault rifles but I think this is a bit too much, so mine will be down rated to ordinary rifles instead, with a consequent loss of points. In fact, they may well double up as regular Heer, which makes them worth a bit more to start with. The platoon will have the three infantry squads plus allotted heavy weapons and an AT gun, so should end up around 500+ points, without the addition of any tanks or assault guns.

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