Wednesday, 23 October 2013

In Her Majesty's Lost World

The Lost World Explorers

Roxton, Summerlee, Challenger, Malone and Zambo

The Accala Chief and his Warriors


I had a rummage in the Darkest Africa boxes this afternoon and found a selection of figures to assemble as a company for In Her Majesty's Name. Some of these were from my long established but dormant Saurian Safari project, whilst others were destined for various expeditions In the Heart of Africa. 

Anyway, after a bit of a think, I've put together a Lost World company, complete with the erudite Professor Challenger, his esteemed colleague Professor Summerlee, the heavily armed Lord John Roxton and the young but enthusiastic journalist Edward Malone. To complete the team there's Zambo, the loyal yet slightly un-PC guide and gunbearer..

I've also included the mystically gifted chief of the Accala tribe, his poison arrow armed fanatic warriors and a rather terrifying, not to say impervious trained Nanotyrannus. I'm not sure how this will work as a character in the company but I think it could be quite interesting for the opposition?

I've ordered a hard copy of the rules so that I can work out the stats for the company, formed around the generic Explorers list but incorporating some subject specific variations. I was looking for a small but comfortable project for November, so this is a definite front runner.


  1. Sounds interesting. I look forward to reading how it progresses.

  2. Huzzah and Horrah! Fantastic to hear that the feisty yet spirited Professor had made the run on too! I'm really looking forward to seeing these chaps in action!

    Also working on my own new faction for IHMN at the moment...

  3. I'm loving all the creativity that IHMN is inspiring. Can't wait to see these guys develop

  4. Excellent! I'm doing one too and nearly used the very same figure for Zambo!