Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bolt Action Yanks [17]

I dipped the rest of the figures a couple of days ago then left them to dry before spray varnishing them with Army Painter dull coat this morning. As you can see, the assembled reinforced late war platoon consists of two squads of twelve men, each of an NCO with SMG, two BAR gunners and nine riflemen. I can split these two squads up to form three understrength Battle of the Bulge squads of eight men with only one BAR gunner per squad and an extra NCO squad leader drafted in from the platoon HQ.

The HQ itself consists of a 2nd Lt with M1 carbine and a bodyguard armed with SMG's. One of the SMG figures can be swapped out and used to accompany the medic attached to the platoon. The fire support element of the platoon consists of two bazooka teams, two .30cal medium machine gun teams and a single three man 60mm light mortar team. The reinforced platoon works out at a pretty decent 560 points, not including the attached tank and half tracks, assuming they are all rated as late war regular troops.

I now need to finish off the insignia and tackle the base texturing, before I paint and decorate the bases themselves. In retrospect I should have textured the bases before I undercoated the figures, as they'd now only need a bit of dry-brushing to finish them off. Bugger. Never mind, as I have a cunning plan to mix my own homegrown DIY basetex style goo to slap all over the bases and make them look like a muddy winter  in the Rhineland.

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