Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Narrow Seas [11]

I'm picking up my coastal warfare project again, adding some additional boats to the dozen or so MTB's that I've already painted up. These include a trio of Skytrex Fairmile B/C MGB's, a Fairmile A minelayer, a Fairmile B M/L and a Fairmile ASR launch, with a Denny SGB to add a bit of punch to the proceedings.

I've also have a couple of trawlers to paint up, one very nice Tumbling Dice Admiralty drifter and a Skytrex Round Table class armed trawler, which I'm hoping will look a little bit like the rather splendid painting above, once I've finished the basic painting and have added some judicious rusty weathering.  A bit of a challenge but I'm looking forward to trying some things out!

I've solved my previous basing conundrums too and will be using 2mm mdf rectangles textured with modelling paste, as used for my 1/3000 scale French warships. I've ordered a load of 20mm and 25mm wide bases in varying lengths from ERM, so can start to base up the MTB's that I've already completed. This shouldn't take too long and will mean that I will have a small but well equipped flotilla ready for action within a few days. Then it's onto the Kriegsmarine!

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