Monday, 1 September 2014

Wings at War - A Mighty Fortress

I spotted an ad in Wargames Illustrated yesterday for a new game in the Wings at War series, available as always through Tumbling Dice. It's a second WW2 variant of the rules and aptly titled A Mighty Fortress (Defending the Reich 1944/45).
As usual, you don't just get the rule booklet but also a selection of 1/600 scale aircraft for both sides to use, although I'm not sure exactly what's included in the pack. At £10 a pop, it's extremely good value for money and a simple yet effective rules system as well.
I've ordered a copy to go with the other games in the series, which I have yet to actually play despite having based up more than enough planes for MiG Alley. It's about time I gave the system a try out, so yet another quick project to think about!

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