Thursday, 18 September 2014

Peter Pig Late War Germans

I got an email from Peter Pig the other day offering me a 15% discount on any order over £40, which was very nice of them. As we're counting the pennies at the moment due to needing a new car, I assumed that I'd have to let this offer pass me by. However, the lady wife has very kindly allowed me to order some stuff, so I thought I'd get a selection of the late war German Unit Packs for use with either IABSM or Chain of Command.
These are the figures in Zeltbahn, Greatcoats and Volksgrenadier kit, which are perfect for winter time in Holland, which is what I'd been planning to do rather than Normandy. I'm also thinking of selling off some of my 28mm leadpile including some boxes of Victrix Napoleonics and Artizan / Crusader WW2 Germans and French, to make way for the 15mm alternative. I really need to do a serious clear out of stuff that I'll never get round to, so this is a good place to start.

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