Friday, 5 September 2014

Whirlwind - Westland's Enigmatic Fighter

I've been reading this over the last few days, having dipped into it for scenario material in the recent past. It's a fascinating story and well told, with a range of contemporary photographs to support the explanation. It's well written and the author really knows his stuff, so a good read and worth getting hold of, either in print or in digital format.
I need to get my act together with the backlog of Bag the Hun Whirlwind scenarios that I've accumulated, so have also invested in some 1/600 scale Whirlwinds, Typhoons and Fw190's from Tumbling Dice, which will be quicker to paint up than the 1/285th scale planes that I've already based and undercoated but have no time to lavish on.
This means I'll may able to playtest two or three scenarios at the club at some point reasonably soon, depending on the workload. This is looking pretty hefty at the moment, as I've been given the heaviest timetable in my entire twenty two year teaching career, with only six hours per fortnight of preparation time for marking and writing teaching materials and forty four hours of contact time.

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