Thursday, 16 July 2015

Back of Beyond Expedition Extras [3]

Well that didn't go quite as well as I hoped. The armoured guntruck scratchbuilding ended up in a bit of a creative cul de sac yesterday, with the end result just not looking quite right. I've decided instead to paint up just the gun and crew to stick into the back of one of my existing unarmoured trucks, using a drop-in flatbed so that I can use it as just a machine gun armed vehicle as well. I'm also looking to add a second Texaco tanker model to use as a baggage element, so all is not lost.
I've have done most of the basecoating on the Chinese labourer figures though, using a wide range of drab or dusty shades rather than lots of colour. These will get a further two layers and a highlight to finish them off over the weekend. I also have a unit of twelve Japanese infantry complete with a sword wielding officer and an attached machine gun to complete. I may swap them over with the White Russian mercenary troops that normally accompany my expedition team for the next game.


  1. These things will happen. Chin up! I still think it is a good weapon to mount in struck like tat. Maybe the drop in flat bed is the most serendipitous option. Just right for a bit of ramshackle make do in the back of beyond!

  2. least it wasn't a total waste of time!