Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Back of Beyond Expedition Extras [1]

It's been a long time since I picked up a paint brush and so I thought I'd crack my painters block by completing a unit of labourers for my Back of Beyond oil prospecting expedition. These are a mixture of Copplestone Chinese bandits, a couple of Foundry Chinese pirates and a spare Copplestone Chinese executioner figure as the gang foreman, complete with his big scary chopper.
I've had these based and undercoated for ages but just didn't get round to doing them, as the Back of Beyond has taken a back seat at the club over the last couple of years. In game terms this motley crew of Chinese and Mongolian lackies is pretty useless, having a tactical factor or two and a morale factor of three, together with some rusty one shot popgun rifles.
This means they are only worth a paltry two points per figure, which makes them cheap as chips for a very good reason. However, they are great as skirmishers and make very good bullet magnets in front of your much more valuable unarmoured vehicles, especially as the target priority rules mean that the enemy must shoot at the nearest threat, even if it's a mangy, flea bitten peasant with a pointy stick!


  1. Hi Jim
    Just a reminder about the naval Wargames show in Gosport this weekend at the explosion museum. You always curse that you miss it! I'm running a Punic War participation game on Saturday!

  2. Thanks,

    I had it pencilled in. If I can get out of building an olympic sized trampoline in a very small back garden this weekend I'll try and get down there.