Monday, 20 July 2015

Back of Beyond Expedition Extras [6]

I finished off the basing on the Chinese labourers this evening although it all ended up being a bit rushed. I have to matt varnish the figures tomorrow after work before I pack them up and head off to the club for a friendly game against Andy's British Museum Archaeological Expedition.
I'm still finding my feet with 28mm painting and have yet to discover the best way to go about it, but this small unit is less than impressive in terms of finish and may well mark the demise at my attempt to paint over a black basecoat. At least they match up with my existing expedition figures.
I'm going to have a third attempt at the Army Painter dip method for my 28mm Chain of Command Japanese platoon in the holidays, having had one success with the Bolt Action late war US infantry and one abject failure with the SAGA Normans, so it may be third time lucky?


  1. Nice work Jim- great stuff!

    PS. See you at Claymore :>)


  2. I think you might be being a bit harsh on yourself. They look great to me!

  3. I second Prufrock! They do look really nice.