Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Aden Insurgency

I'm reading this at the moment, as part of my on-going interest in Britain's Small Wars, which I have had plans to skirmish game in 15mm. The original idea, which is as far as it got, was to do the Indonesian Confrontation but the need to model lots of jungle gave me the fear. A less daunting alternative is always worth investigating, so I've been reading up on Aden, Radfan and other potential post-colonial  hot spots of the 1960's. I still really like the idea of Borneo and Brunei but the desert would definitely be a lot easier to set up, even if I just did something semi-fictional. This would be using No End In Sight, FUBAR or Some Corner of a Foreign Field as the probable rules, although I'm sure there are lots of other possibilities.

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