Sunday, 21 February 2016

Brigade Models Sohei Heavy Hover Tank

The assembled tank

The component parts

Hull and Turret

Turret with Heavy Gun

It's taken me all week but I finally got to sit down at the workbench this afternoon and get started on the 15mm hard sci-fi project. This didn't go quite according to plan as I only managed to assemble one of the three Sohei hover tanks that will form the core of my mechanised force. This is a really well designed and imaginative model but it was a bit of a pain to put together, requiring some drilling and pinning of the gun barrel in order to avoid an embarrassing droop. The metal components also didn't want to stay stuck in place, probably due to the ambient temperature in the garage which was on the way down by the time I got started. The assembled tank is, however, a bit of a beast and looks suitably imposing. I really like the retro styling and the fact that it actually looks like a real, working tank. A good four and half stars out of five, with the half taken off for the not very problematic but slightly annoying gun barrel problem, together with some minor mis-casting on the resin engine deck grills.


  1. Quite like this tank, and were I to succumb to 15mm madness, I would need to buy a few of these.

  2. They are pretty cool...and you can get a 6mm version too.