Saturday, 20 February 2016

Tide of Iron

I found a slightly battered box of Tide of Iron in a charity shop yesterday for twenty quid. The sticker on the front said it was complete so I picked it up. When I opened the very large box I found that it was in unplayed condition with all of the components wrapped in plastic or in plastic zip lock bags, which was a nice surprise. 

I had to haggle a bit with the ministry of the interior, who wasn't too keen on another enormous box being shoved into a cupboard at the expense of her nick nacks, but she gave in. I don't know when I'll get round to playing it but it's a great addition to the boardgame collection.


  1. I had a set of this when it first came out. It seemed to play well...a bit like a more complex Memoir 44 (kind of). I quite liked it but it seemed to take ages to set up the bases with different combinations of figures and I think I eventually sold it at a Bring & Buy. Be good to hear what you think when you eventually give it a go.

  2. Nice buy... I have the updated version in it's plastic seal still and paid an awful lot more than that for it :)