Monday, 15 February 2016

Dropzone Commander

I got the starter set for Dropzone Commander in a games shop today, reduced down from £60 to £45. It was a bit of a spur of the moment purchase and not really in line with my 15mm hard sci-fi plans but at that price it's a good deal. There were a lot of DC games being played at Warfare last year and it looked like it has something going for it, despite the cost factor of the relatively expensive expansion sets. The sprog was keen to give it a try too, so I gave in!


  1. "SPROG"? Someone once described me as a "Simple-minded Peckerhead Resisting Obvious Great-Ideas"; does it mean something different in your neck of the woods...?

    An Enquiring Mind Wants to Know,


  2. We ran Chain of Command at a show last year and shared a room with the Dropzone Commander event. Looked like brilliant fun and the only reason I did not try it was that I was to busy running my own game.
    Looking forward to hearing your opinion.

  3. Sprogs = offspring / kids (not that different really?)