Saturday, 17 September 2016

Congo Scouts and Warriors

I have a handful of extra figures to prepare for the Forest Tribe column that I'm putting together for Congo. Today, I based a unit of three scouts and a unit of five young warriors, the general theme being an absence of clothing and a more youthful selection of figures compared to the bog standard warriors in the tribe.

The scouts also have some rather natty feather headgear, which picks them out from the crowd, although it might be a bit of a giveaway when they are in ambush. The javelins were a good way to distinguish them from the spear armed warrior figures, for which I used some metal pins that I bought in the DIY bit of a supermarket when on holiday in France.

The packet label said they were Pointe a placage acier trompe, which even my French wife couldn't translate into English, but whatever they are they make excellent 28mm javelins or 15mm spears. I'll get the rest of the extra figures based up tomorrow so that I can start painting them at some point over the next couple of weeks, if all goes according to my best laid plans?


  1. Nice! I'm looking to get some of my 'expedition' off the ground shortly... :)

  2. Thanks Mike. I'm hoping to get this lot done by half term, then it'll be onto the terrain and/or a second column. I really like the theme of the rules. Be interesting to see how they play.

  3. Looking good. Those pins work nicely.