Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Gunboat Diplomacy 1864

I assembled some Tumbling Dice 1/2400th scale British and French ironclads a few years ago for a 'what if?' war in the 1860's but didn't get past the black undercoat stage before wandering off to other things. I found the models over the weekend, so decided to use the appropriate ones as the basis of a Royal Navy punitive force that just might have been dispatched to the Baltic in 1864, in order to deter the dastardly Prussians and support the plucky Danes.

I could add some more to this flotilla but I think HMS Warrior, let alone HMS Royal Oak, would have been more than sufficient as a deterent message. I have also included a screw sloop, HMS Greyhound, to act as a patrol and dispatch vessel or even as a potential trigger for an incident. I quite like this 'What if?' addition to the project, although I really should start painting the ships that I already have assembled!


  1. Intriguing project Jim - what rules?

  2. Iron and Fire originally but now probably Broadside and Ram, although I have a set of 'back of a postcard' rules and one by Chris Peers to try out too.

  3. As the author of both Iron and Fire and Broadside and Ram. and someone who is running a similar project to this in amongst the many other projects i have I'd say my preference would be to use I&F due to the smaller number of ships. That said, B&R makes for a fun, fast game without the need for vast amounts of space so of course that would work just fine as well :)

  4. Thanks David,

    I was thinking of using both rules, one for quick games and the other for more detailed scenarios, involving the smaller ships. I really like both sets of rules so it's a win / win either way.