Monday, 5 September 2016

Dannebrog 1864

I had some time over the weekend to finish off some of the last few Tumbling Dice 1/2400th scale ships for my Second Schleswig War 1864 project. The most important of these is the Danish ironclad Dannebrog, which was involved in some of the naval skirmishes in the Baltic against the Prussian gunboat flotilla. I used a substitute model for this, the French ironclad Armide (ASV45), which isn't quite right but is close enough to be passable.

I may well replace it, if I can find a model that looks more like the Dannebrog from the TD range, or try to convert one to match instead. If that doesn't work I might also go for the Hallmark 1/2400th scale model, although it might not match well with the other ships in the fleet. Other than that I only have a couple of screw frigates to do then the Danish fleet will be complete, give or take those warships that did not take part in any significant or game worthy actions.

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