Tuesday, 28 March 2017

All You Need To Know

This is a really concise but very useful guide to both the Aden Insurgency and the Indonesian Confrontation including a brief historical overview, information on tactics, weapon and organisation plus some suggestions for rules and figures. Although I'm  now going down the 15mm route for this project, there are some excellent 28mm ranges available from both Commando Miniatures and Eureka, which are well worth a look, as well as the obvious choices in 20mm.

You can get your own  digital copy of this booklet for free by sending an email to the nice people at Commando Miniatures:


While you are about it, why not take a look at their 28mm range of figures, vehicles and terrain, all of which have potential uses for not just Aden and Borneo.


  1. From the contents of that, do you think my Peter pig 14th army figures would work for those conflicts?

    1. having got and read the guide, no they won't; the army had re-equipped with the SLR by then ... oh well!