Thursday, 2 March 2017

Hidden Warbirds

As it is World Book Day today, I thought I'd celebrate with a second hand copy of this book on WW2 aircraft wreck recovery and restoration, if that's not a bit too much of a tongue twister? I actually got hold of it on Monday in the local charity shop for two quid, which I thought was a pretty good find, especially as it's good as new and in hardback. 

It is very well illustrated and there are some famous examples of extreme aircraft salvage including P38 Glacier Girl and B17 Swamp Ghost, as well as many that I wasn't aware of, like the P61 Black Widow discovered at the summit of a mountain in Papua New Guinea. I particularly liked the chapter on aircraft recovered from South and Central America. Really interesting stuff!

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  1. Fascinating stuff. I remember that Wellington they pulled out of Loch Ness some years ago.