Wednesday, 29 March 2017

No End In Sight

This is the set of rules that first sparked my interest in a post-colonial skirmish level project, with a particular focus on Britain's Small Wars and the retreat from Empire. Although I have yet to try them out they really seem to hit the nail on the head, being designed for just this sort of thing and written with flexibility and adaptation in mind.

I really like the way Ivan Sorenson aka Nordic Weasel, writes the FiveCore system rules as they are always clear, concise and well-designed, making it easy to grasp the core concepts but with layers of detail that can be added as required. They are also really good value for money and very well supported, so that you are never short of a rule for this, that or the other.

I originally planned to use the FiveCore Company Commander rules for this project but I think No End In Sight will be a better option, especially as I'm focussing on platoon level scenarios. I have the older edition of the rules so I may well upgrade to the latest edition as my reward for a long and tedious week at work!


  1. You make me blush good sir :)

    Make sure to download the most recent version since it neatens up quite a few things and adds more options

  2. Let me know when you're ready to go Jim - I'd love to have a bash at them!

  3. I'm getting paid tomorrow, so a little end of the week rules splurge is very likely!

    Will definitely keep you posted.

  4. Based on the above I have bought a copy :)