Friday, 28 April 2017

Burma '44

I'm reading this at the moment, having flicked through a paperback copy on the ferry and then downloaded a copy onto the Kindle. I don't tend to buy paperbacks anymore, preferring the digital option especially as I now can read books on my phone, thanks to the Kindle App for Samsung. I do, however, still buy proper hardbacks when I can afford them, as I do like the heft and ease of reading of a proper book.

This is an excellent account of the battle for the Admin Box and fits in well with my existing background book work on the campaign in Burma, which I have long wanted to game and which is a fascinating subject in its own right. It's very similar in style and approach to Feargal Keane's Road of Bones, which is another cracking read but which focuses on the Kohima and Imphal battles. I can definitely recommend both titles if you are a 'Forgotten Army' enthusiast.


  1. The Admin Box was almost unique. Bryan Perrett's "Tank Tracks to Rangoon" has an account of it.

  2. Thanks for that Jim. I have some of Peter Pig's 14th Army and Japanese and wanted to learn more about the war they fought in