Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Easter Holiday

I'm of holiday for a few days so will be packing some stuff to keep me occupied on rainy afternoons. I vaguely remembered buying a box of Perry 28mm plastic mahdist figures ages ago on a whim, so had a rummaged in the loft and found them. These were originally destined for PITS in 28mm but I shelved that idea. I hate assembling plastic figures but thought this would be a relatively painless diversion over the Easter break, with a view to some low level colonial skirmish gaming of some sort, perhaps using a variant of Fistful of Lead: Reloaded, which is a splendid set of rules. 


  1. Good luck with the project. I made up a box of Warlord games Zulus and found them fiddly to put together, but they had the advantage of accepting ordinary cheap craft acrylics with no problems.

  2. Plastic is definitely a fiddle but worth it if you want lots of figures or a minimal cost. These look relatively simple to glue together but I'll have to find out the hard way!