Saturday, 22 April 2017

Dom's Decals Delivered

I arrived home today to find an unexpected parcel containing the 1/600th scale Chinese Nationalist insignia that I ordered from Dom's Decals back in January. This sort of postage time isn't unusual for Dom and, as long as you are aware that the stuff you've ordered will arrive at some point, there's no problem. I know that the decals business is very much a part time side line for him, so I'm happy to wait as the decals are really good and he's the only source in 1/600th scale anyway! At least I can now get on and finish the F-104 Starfighters for the Flashpoint Taiwan mini-project, so that I can then use them against the Chinese Communist MiG's and Beagles that I've already completed for Target Locked On!


  1. 3 months now? Ok, I'll make a note of that as I have a small wants list again.....only order things that are not in any hurry :)

  2. My order from January arrived last week too

  3. He must have been clearing his back log of orders over the Easter break?