Saturday, 1 April 2017

Post Colonial Platoon Plans

I've dug out my 15mm figures from the AK47 spares box and have been putting together a British platoon sized force for No End in Sight, this time with a focus on the Aden Insurgency of the early 1960's. I had done a similar thing a couple of years ago for the Indonesian Confrontation, using some stuff left over from an AK47 army that I had prepared, but then shelved the idea for a rainy day. I suppose I could do both? I like the idea of the Indonesian Confrontation with it's focus on jungle warfare bit also have plenty of existing desert terrain for Aden.

Anyway, having done some digging, I now have a selection of Peter Pig professional figures to use as the British infantry and a number of QRF vehicles including a couple of Saladin armoured cars, some Ferret scout cars, a couple of Saracen APC's and some Bedford 3 ton lorries. I think I may split these between the two campaigns so that half can go to the jungle and the other half to the desert. This means that I wouldn't have enough figures to do both, so I ordered a couple of packs of professionals in shorts for Aden (shorts being the leg wear of choice from all the photos I've seen)

I also discovered that my Wargame Vault library thingy has automatically updated my copy of No End In Sight to the second edition. Brilliant! I now have both the old versions and the new version on the hard drive, so will be reading them through to spot the difference over the weekend. The new edition does look very smooth and well-structured, so I'm sure will be really easy to use. In the meantime, I'm continuing with my coastal warfare project this month, so that I can eventually run a game at the club.


  1. Sounds like a fascinating diversion, looking forward to updates with interest.

  2. Yep, I have wanted to do this project for ages...just so I can use some Salad ins, Saracens and Ferrets!

  3. Yeah, the 2nd edition was a freebie for the fans.

    Response has generally been to prefer the 2nd edition but some things, like morale tests, changed quite a bit so pick out whichever way works better for you :)

  4. Thanks Ivan...Nice surprise!

  5. What made you choose No End over AK47 Republic? Just curious, always been a fan of Ivan's stuff.

  6. Good question.

    1. AK47 is more a game than a historically based set of rules, great though it is.

    2. I wanted to use individual figures rather than multiple bases, although Company Command did initially seem the way to go.

    3. I really like the rules!

    4. I wanted a platoon rather than a company level game, both to keep it manageable and to keep the cost down, using a lot of stuff I've already got.

    5. The rules cover just about any angle or situation you could need to replicate, without being overly prescriptive.

    6. They are great value for money and very well supported.