Monday, 9 October 2017

B17G Insignia Options

I've been working out the unit markings and squadron codes for the Eighth Air Force Flying Fortress combat box and have got a couple of options based on the contents of I-94 decal sheet US-142: USAAF Natural Metal Finish B17's. The first is to assign them to the 100th Bomb Group and the second is to assign them to the 95th Bomb Group, with the squadron codes made up from individual decals letters. I am leaning towards the 100th BG, which used a square and 'D' tail and wing insignia, as there are some excellent reference drawings available including this splendid three view guide from the 1/72nd scale Airfix kit of 'Skyway Chariot' 351st Bomb Squadron. Very nice!


  1. Go the easy route if you have the references and decals to hand.

  2. yep and there's a minimum of masking and blocking in as well.