Thursday, 5 October 2017

Blue Swastika Rampant Russians

I added a handful of Scotia Collectair Soviet aircraft to the Blue Swastika Rampant project lead pile today, with the arrival of twelve I-153 Chaikas and one enormous Tupolev TB-3. The I-153's are listed as I-15's but they don't have a fixed undercarriage, so are actually better used as Chaikas. The TB-3 is a very impressive model but will need some detailing to make it look the part, with some dorsal and front gunners as an obvious addition. I now have even more aircraft to paint but at least I will have some variety when it comes to fighters.


  1. How about using the TB-3 as a Zveno project mothership?

  2. Replies
    1. but it would be way cooool! It odes mention in the article that the 'mothership' flew with 8 fighters at one point; they rotated attaching/detaching - it would make for a different BtH game!