Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Knights of the Sky Trench Strafing

I am working out some additional rules for bombing and strafing for the WW1 Knights of the Sky aerial game next week, as the RAF will be supporting the advancing troops on the ground with some well-placed strafing over the German front lines. The KotS rules use a very straightforward system of special coloured dice for dogfighting, so I thought I'd use some specially adapted GW scatter dice as the basis of the bombing and ground attack system. 

This will only be for light bombing using 4 x 25lb Cooper bombs, with the possible option of some trench strafing factored in, so nothing too complicated or too cumbersome is required. The bombs can be toggled, so that players can roll one to four dice per ground attack on each target, either dropping them all in one go or spreading them over a number of turns. I've been reading up on the subject and, although most pilots did drop all four in a single attack run, I think the bomb rack on a Sopwith Camel was capable of a salvo of individual bombs if required.

The idea for bombing is to keep the 'Direct Hit' symbols on the two faces of the D6 but to replace the directional arrows with blank faces for a 'Miss' and perhaps a couple of 'Near Miss' labels. I was also thinking of having one or two faces marked with symbols to represent taking hits from ground fire, as this was often the result of low level flying over the front lines.

I think this will be a workable approach to bombing, with machine gun strafing possibly built into the overall outcome rather than as a separate mechanism. I need to sit down and work this through over the next couple of days, so that I can write up the rules for the players who will actually have to do the ground pounding.


  1. The name caught my attention, since there was an early 90's WW1 flying video game called Knights of the Sky.

  2. I think that's possibly where the author if the rules got the name from??