Sunday, 8 January 2012

AK47 Objective Markers [1]

I was rummaging around today and found the unfinished AK47 objective markers that I scratchbuilt a long while back in a box on top of the shelving in the garage. In the interim while I sort out my Nkonde figures, I thought I'd have a crack at finishing the objective markers off. I have a very busy week so a little painting can be squeezed in as and when, making the markers a perfect option for a few spare minutes here and there.

I had an hour or so today, so knocked up another marker on a 'think yourself thin' CD that came with the Observer. As I have the six pack of a svelte nordic god, this was clearly surplus to requirements and made a very effective base for a UN peacekeeper checkpoint, complete with knock off 'Made in China' diecast APC and a few spare Peter Pig Vietnam figures. The checkpoint itself was made from a dodgy resin truck load, suitably truncated and soon to receive a roof from corrugated plastic card.

I hope to get some more done on the markers as and when I can find the time over the next week or so.

Fat chance.

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