Friday, 13 January 2012

QRF 10% Off Sale

I made the most of the current 10% off sale at QRF and have ordered a few vehicles for a speculative British equipped colonial settler army for AK47. I have rhe figures for this already, most of which are Peter Pig professionals with some Vietnam ANZAC's and US special forces thrown in. I also a couple of landrovers, some Unimogs and a few Bulldogs but not a lot else.

As a result, I thought I'd add some light machine gun armoured cars (Ferrets Mk2's) and some heavy tank gun armoured cars (Saladins) to kit out the force. I have a couple of each which should be sufficient to provide armoured support for the small arms regular and professional units. They go into the leadpile when they arrive but hopefully will get tackled at some point this year, if I can squeeze the army into the schedule.

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