Friday, 13 January 2012

BKC Aegean Campaign [2]

I've been working out what I need for the club BKC Aegean Campaign and have put in a small order with Pendraken for the various additional bits to fill in the gaps. Apparently, each army in the campaign will consist of the following:

Four battalions (airborne / mountain / regular / green) of nine infantry bases, with three support MG bases attached to each battalion.

Each battalion will also have a support company of four bases (mortar / AT gun / IG / engineer).

There will also be an armoured battalion of light tanks, tankettes, armoured cars and recce vehicles to a total of 600 points.

If you add in the HQ bases for each battalion and the overall CO base, this lot totals out at about seventy individual bases of figures and another fifteen to twenty vehicles. In other words, quite a lot!

I have parachute infantry for the airborne and normal infantry figures for the regulars but need to find something to represent the Alpini mountain troops and the green battalion, which will probably be blackshirts. The Pendraken SCW range looks promising for the blackshirts but the Alpini will probably end up with just some different bases to mark them out from the normal infantry.  

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