Thursday, 26 January 2012

Reading Up

This is the one that I read twenty five years ago and which got me interested to start with!

I've been rummaging in the bookshelves and adding to the reading list for my latest 15mm big project. I think you can guess what it will be but to give you a few hints, here's some of the titles that I'll be reading over the next few weeks as part of my background research.

I have made the most of my birthday Peter Pig voucher and have added some extra bits to the order to get the project off the ground. It'll be a long term effort but will begin with some cleaning up and basing in the Easter and Summer holidays.


  1. Oh, happy (bittersweet?) memoreies. Many years ago I decided this would be my "big project". A large bag of Piggy goodness bought at Salute, lots of vehicles bought from The Keep (before that great, amazingly disorganised treasure trove closed). One of my friends offered to paint up the figures for me. he cracked on, passed me a couple of HMG teams that he'd finished to let me know what I was getting (they look awesome!) - and then he lost motivation. Still waiting for him to get back in the groove, and when I say this was around about the time that the XIV Army figures first came out you'll see how long ago this all kicked off :)

  2. I visited the Keep a few times...great place for a rummage.

    It was a great building as well but I suspect it's been either knocked down or redeveloped into posh flats by now :O(

    I've always wanted to do the Arakan as a wargaming project so it's about time I got on with it!

  3. I have Tank Tracks to Rangoon, and can also recommend George MacDonald-Frasier's book "Quartered Safe Out Here" for the Tommy's eye view of the Burma Campaign. My 20mm 14th Army battalion and Japani-wallahs are currently languishing in the UK, but I'll get them over here one of these days.