Monday, 9 January 2012

AK47 Objective Markers [2]

I finished the first of the objectuve markers this evening, although it was done in a bit of a rush and will need a bit of tidying up at some point. I originally scratchbuilt this one for my Nbuto colonial settlers army, hence the big 'N' on the front of the plinth. I'm sure General Mpongo won't mind.

The figure was a Salute freebie while the rest is made out of odd bits of wood and an old CD. I toned down the desert effect on the base with an overbrush of Foundry Rawhide Shade and Rawhide then painted the figure in GW Tin Bitz followed by a GW Chestnut Ink wash. I think the latter spoiled the effect a bit so I may go back and sort it out with a bit of drybrushing. The static grass was added then some green scatter sprinkled on top to create an overgrown weed effect. I added a few clumps of Army Painter Swamp Tufts to break up the base and cover up some patchy bits where the CD surface was shining through.

I have a Back of Beyond campaign game at the club tomorrow night, so won't have the time to get any more done on the other objective markers but I have given the UN APC a dodgy basecoat of Foundry Arctic Grey in the meantime.


  1. Great stuff, Jim!
    By the way, your gaming ethos is very similar to mine... ;)