Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Projects

Here's the plan for 2015.

I will be concentrating on 15mm skirmish level games - from section to platoon in modern terms - with a focus on everything fitting on a 3'x3' or 2' x 4' playing area. This will allow me to scratchbuild some bespoke terrain features and boards for the various games that I'll be playing. The first of these will be Lion Rampant in 15mm, with the Wars of the Roses figures from Peter Pig, although I may well do another period as well, perhaps even Sengoku era Japan or Early Medieval.

The second 15mm skirmish project will be near future / sci-fi in focus, using the GZG, Brigade Models and Antenociti's Workshop stuff that I've collected together, although 15mm Imperial Commander using the old Laserburn range might also be an second option. This will use Gruntz or similar as a ruleset but I'm open to trying out whatever system gives a good platoon level game without too much complication. I'm looking forward to this as it will allow me to do some 'imagi-nations' style painting.

I'll also be dabbling in other things as usual, including more Bag The Hun aircraft and some more naval stuff of some description. The coastal forces need some extras not to mention some merchant ships, while the Victory at Sea French could do with some British or Italian opposition. These are two of the many other naval projects that I'd like to explore further including the Steam and Sail Ironclads and the Peter Pig Pirate ships. I enjoyed the naval projects last year so it would be a shame not to take them further.

In terms of games, I'll be aiming to get to the club more often than last year, which may be a bit of a challenge but shouldn't be impossible once a month or so. In the interim, I'll try to get some time in for games at home, with a focus on boardgames rather the miniatures. I'm keen to get my head around X-Wing for a start, so will definately be playing some solo games at weekends and in the evenings. I've neglected my boardgames for far too long and really need to get back into playing them more often.

Finally, my New Years Resolution will be to finish the 28mm Japanese for the Chain of Command project. This will be my summer holiday painting project for 2015, although I may have a crack at it over the Easter break, if thungs go according to plan this term and I don't have loads of school work to do.The figures and vehicles are ready to paint and I will probably add a few extra bits to round things out, so that I will be able to actually get a game or two under my belt by the Autumn.

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